100 Reasons to Love Beaver County — Our Festivals

From the annual Maple Syrup Festival in Brady’s Run Park every April, to New Brighton’s car cruise in July, to Old Economy’s Christmas in the village…Beaver County has at least one unique festival every month of the year.

Whether it’s a snow-shovel-riding competition, a lively ethnic festival, a celebration of the Arts, or a commemoration of our rich heritage, Beaver County has a little something for everyone!

For a comprehensive list of annual festivals and special events, go to VisitBeaverCounty.com.


Tax Credits for New Custom Home Construction

Happy Tax Day, everyone!

OK, maybe this isn’t the happiest of holidays. But as Ben Franklin said, paying taxes is unavoidable, so we might as well make the best of it.

You might be wondering if there are any tax credits available for new custom home construction. Since we’re home-building specialists and not tax aficionados, we’ll leave it to the real experts to provide the best answers. Here’s a few helpful links we found out on the Web…
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