Photo Friday!

Today’s photo is a picture of…well…we’re not exactly sure?? We know it’s a plant of some kind because it’s growing out of the ground, but that’s about it. (We’re custom home builders, not gardeners.)

If you can identify this mystery plant, please use the comment section below to enlighten us.
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Goodbye Winter…Hello Spring!!

It’s over. Finally.

DaffodilsAfter three months that felt more like 30, winter finally came to a close this morning at 7:02 a.m. It might still be cold outside and, yeah, it will probably snow again (this is western PA, after all), but warmer days are ahead.

Now that Old Man Winter is hitting the road, it’s time to start thinking about your gardens and dusting off your patio furniture. After so many months indoors, it will be great to get outside again and enjoy our outdoor living spaces.
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