Dream Kitchen Must-Haves

Dream kitchenEvery home has that one place where family and friends always seem to come together, and more often than not it’s the kitchen. For all you kitchen lovers out there, the following are some must-haves to make that special room perfect for you and your family.

Pantry and Cabinet Space — Walk-in and pull-out pantries. Big cabinet drawers and roll-outs. Spice racks. High shelves and hidden cubbies. Every kitchen needs these types of efficient storage spaces, whether for food, appliances, dishes, pots and pans, or silverware. No dream kitchen in complete without them.

Doubled Appliances — Double ovens. Double dishwashers. Double refrigerators. Many people have made their kitchen a fine-tooled machine, as they close the gap with professional chefs. Multiple ovens means you can cook for that dinner party with different temperatures, speeding up the culinary process. Double dishwashers keeps that sink clean and dish free, and double or oversized refrigerators are great for big families with kids who love to eat a lot and often.

Countertops and Open Spaces — Ample amounts of counter space always come in handy, whether next to the sink or on that much desired kitchen island. Kitchens are more than just for cooking these days. They’re where people congregate, where kids do homework, and where you can place all those platters in a buffet line for dinner parties or cookouts. Many homeowners and builders are simply forgoing walled in kitchens altogether, and instead have them adjoined to the living room or dining room, bringing the kitchen even more into the heart of the home.

Natural Lighting — Large windows are a key part of any dream kitchen. Light and fresh air bring a healthy feeling to the room. If your kitchen can’t have windows, try bright overhead lighting or install a skylight tube.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. Let Richwell Custom Homes help you imagine and realize the ultimate kitchen of your dreams. Contact us today: 724-601-3363.

Written by Rebecca Gil