Make Your Dream Home a Green Home

green constructionChances are you’ve heard of going “green”. Green building is the equilibrium between sustaining the environment and building a home. Green homes are meant to be more healthy, comfortable, durable, and energy efficient. This type of construction not only benefits the environment, but your savings and your health as well.

You can build green for the sake of the environment: protecting biodiversity and ecosystems by reducing waste, and preserving natural resources such as water and air. You can also build for the savings that green systems and materials put your wallet, through lower energy bills and greater asset values and profits. And of course, you can even choose to build green for the benefits it has on your health by improving your general quality of life.

Building green is an important decision that requires you to plan ahead with great detail in order for your to maximize your potential savings. Be on the lookout for ways to help locate sustainable site designs; to find water, energy, and environmental conservation ideas; to improve the quality of your indoor environment; and to discover the best materials and resources for the job.

Building green means being encouraged to reuse vacant sites or build in higher density urban areas to preserve green spaces and other ecosystems. It means using solar heating from well-insulated windows situated on the eastern and western walls, saving you money in the winter, and helping reduce the effects of global warming on the environment. It means recycling water and preserving onsite infiltration using eco-friendly methods. Building green is building a home that nurtures you and the environment.

Everyone’s future deserves the very best. Building green provides a better, healthier, safer life. Our planet will thank you, and so will generations to come.

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Written by Becky Gil